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Count number of users using an online PHP script

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  • Count number of users using an online PHP script

    Great day to you all,

    Can someone please help me with a simple PHP script;

    I would like to keep track and display in my application how many users have tried it already, I've figured that a simple PHP script would do.

    Basically what I want to achieve is this;

    Every time a user decides that he wants to start using my application a +1 count would be sent to a remote script wich would add to the total number of users, later I can download that info and display it in my application as the number of users who had already tried the software.

    I thought about downloading a file then increment +1, adding the current user then uploading it back to the server, but the problem with this is that if more users are trying the application at the same time then I won't get an accurate number.

    The real problem is that I don't know any PHP

    If any of you have thought about something like this in the past I'm open to suggestions, I don't strictly want to do it by PHP, this was just an idea of creating this system.

    Thank you