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MP4 Native support ?

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  • MP4 Native support ?

    Hi haven't been about for a while but still doing my thing with AMS
    But I do have a question in relation to recent projects I have worked on ..

    MP4 Video files are very small and high quality and are also native to windows now.
    Why doesn't AMS support these files ?

    I know you can use Quicktime to add them but you don't get the same options like you do with the (WMV), AVI, and MPEG player and those files are so big within a menu

    Isnt it time they were supported or is there a reason they are not ?

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    Tell me about it....
    Good quality avi 5 minutes long ...about 150 meg
    HD quality mp4 ...Same movie clip 45 meg :(


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      The MediaPlayer object plays videos in a MP4 container just fine, as long as the required codecs are installed on the target system.



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        Originally posted by Ulrich View Post
        The MediaPlayer object plays videos in a MP4 container just fine, as long as the required codecs are installed on the target system.

        WHAT !!

        Ulrich can you be a little more specific ....I have the codecs on my system and if I browse to a dir with MP4 I have to select show all files to see them....Once selected and I try to play it says .." Cannot play back the file : Format unsupported "

        Where exactly do I need the codecs to play these ?
        This would be a godsend for me if I can


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          The Video object and the MediaPlayer object are different things. Which one I mentioned in my reply? Right, the MediaPlayer, which is part of AutoPlay Media Studio and can be found under Object > Plugins > MediaPlayer.



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            I don't know whats wrong with me ...I cant figure out the plugin....Found it...Added it....But how do you point the video to the player.. Am I going nuts.. ?


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              Quoting the MediaPlayer plugin help:

              MediaPlayer.Load (string ObjectName, string Filename);
              Loads a media file into a Media Player object.

              (string) The name of the Media Player object that you want to apply this action to.

              (string) The fully qualified path and filename of the media file to load.


              -- Display a File Browse Dialog, and then play the video that they select    
              -- Pick a nice default folder to start the browsing in (My Documents)    
              myfolder = Shell.GetFolder(SHF_MYDOCUMENTS);    
              -- Show the file browse dialog    
              strExtensions = "All Video Files (*.avi;*.mpg;*.wmv;*.asf)|*.avi;*.mpg;*.wmv;*.asf|All Files (*.*)|*.*|";    
              tFiles = Dialog.FileBrowse(true, "Load Video", myfolder, strExtensions, "", "", false, true);    
              -- Only load the video if they did not press Cancel    
              if tFiles[1] ~= "CANCEL" then    
                  -- make sure the object is visible before trying to load a video    
                  Plugin.SetVisible("media_player", true);    
                  -- Load the video File    
                  -- Play the video    
                 -- Start playback in a Media Player object
              Often, reading the help files avoids going nut!
              We are slowly invading your planet to teach lazy humans to read the user manual.
              But don't be scared: we are here to help.