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Executing C# Code In AMS Without Precompilation

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    Ulrich spoke in hypothesis, he didn't suggest any fact, he merely suggested a possibility. Also, we're all free to reply to this thread and give our opinions, even though we might not always agree.

    I do agree with the fact that this community is starting to degrade, and I've noticed that there is less interest in product such as these. I wonder how many users there are left who would want this and these users should have replied to this thread without it being in hindsight.

    Unfortunately, developers like Reteset and I will not be able to distribute a lot of software via these forums anymore, as most of the users have left (in comparison to what it used to be)

    I also don't agree that reteset mentions that Ulrich hacked his account, Ulrich is a moderator and IR staff member, he moderates these forums and can (for example) change a user password. I'm not implying that he logged into Reteset's account, but it's not hacking.
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