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    Hey all,

    I've been a part of the IR forums for about 11 years now and I know that this conversation has occurred more than once, but I thought I'd spark it again (doesn't hurt to give some love, right?). =)

    There's something about AMS that has just always made sense. I've used a very good swathe of the other IDE's out there but AMS just simply makes sense. It's simple enough to wrap your head around and powerful enough to keep you coming back to create tools of all sorts. So I was thinking... while AMS is great for Windows desktop applications, everything's moving to the cloud.

    After years of project management of large teams, developing countless cloud-based SaaS products, I was thinking "wouldn't it be cool if there was an IR version of SaaS product development tools?". Something like that. So I'm just curious if there has been discussion around this. Again, it's not the lack of available tools, rather IR's unique approach to making software development uniquely approachable. =)

    I'd love to see an updated 2010's set of tools. Mobile App development is sorta meh and they still often rely on powerful back-end SaaS modification tools (for the client to tweak the mobile experience afterwards). I've built and sold countless mobile websites, web apps, native apps, Drupal and Joomla sites and I keep coming back to SaaS development. It'd just be awesome to build in a local IDE like AMS, then publish to the web (sorta a 2010's Dreamweaver of SaaS dev and cloud-based software development). I know that I could probably *build* that in AMS, but it'd be great to have it done right with the IR team.

    I'd support it. Just sayin'. =)

    Your thoughts?