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Some Questions About Bass.DLL

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  • Some Questions About Bass.DLL

    Im not so good with Bass.DLL, and for now i just wanna to know something. I have one project that playing audio and video files (actualy all A/V files/codecs), powered by LAV from DirectShow, and i wanna to add sound equalizer, without changing a main code (like play MP3 with Bass, not with LAV, etc. stupid things) and playing around with some poor Bass.DLL codecs.

    So i thinking about get Bass.DLL as a filter between output sound and device (speakers). Is it possible? Eg., playing sound on some channel (anyway, is there any video channel defined?) will go into an audio driver and to the audio device. I wanna Bass.DLL to get between that sound output channel and audio device in order to change EQ before it made up to device.