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  • multiple shell.execute

    Hi Folks, i try to build an application where basically i have a couple of buttons( this is the part of the project impacted)
    to each button, there is a "shell.Execute" function to run a dos script.
    so when i'm clicking on a button i would like that that button it will be disabled (so i can't run it twice) and when the dos script has finish, the button will be re-enabled.
    i've tried with the "wait for return" set to true, but in this way the complete application is blocked waiting the DOS batch.
    what i would like to know is if there is some way to have the same functionality of "waitforreturn" but that impact only the object that ran the control. let' say a sort of "run in background"

    thanks in advance


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    I wrote an example using the spawner-ex dll a long time ago