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Adding hyperlinks to text boxes with scrollbars

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  • Adding hyperlinks to text boxes with scrollbars

    I have several pages where I am linking text to PDF documents.
    I used hotspots to open the PDFs which works well but come unstuck now I have some columns where I have too many lines and need to use scrollbars.

    Can someone tell me please how to apply links to open documents (PDF) to these entries in columns with scrollbars please?

    thanks for any help

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    Thanks to Ulrich for showing me how this is done ;-)


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      One of the features i have on my everyday app is to mouse over a hotspot and using the on enter it shows a folder whyere i drag and drop pdf's and favourites into a browser web object. I use another hotspoys on enter to close it.
      The beauty of doing it like this and not using DialoEx is that i can drag and drop favourites from a browser straight into the folder.