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Web Object to load html outside root

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  • Web Object to load html outside root

    (1). Please how can I make a AMS to load a html file that is stored outside a _public folder on server.

    Or if that will not be possible then

    (2). How can I automatically pass a user name and password to a secure folder to authorize me access to load a file into web object in AMS. Pls help

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    1) If the file is outside the public_html folder on a web server (sometimes also known as "www" or "root" folder), then the web server is unable to access and send this file. The web server will access only files and folders under its root folder. Files in parent or sibling folders of the root may still be accessible via FTP though, because the root of an FTP server may use a parent of the web server.

    2) This is documented in the help file - you should read about the meaning of the AuthData table in the HTTP.Download(), HTTP.Submit() and similar actions.