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  • Problems with ListBoxEx Project

    Hi Guys
    I am trying to use the ListBoxEx plugin to open documents located on several different pages. The project is based on a previous project from 4 years ago which was done with the help of Ulrich and several other contributors on the forum.
    1. Each page shows a different list of documents
    2. The documents on each page are stored in a separate folder
    3. I use the same ListboxEx plugin on each page (it has the same same name on all pages).

    Here are the problems I am having:
    1. Document List does not delete previous documents (when you jump from page to page)
    2. The icons do not appear on the second page (maybe related to Problem 1.
    3. When I REENTER a page that was previously loaded, the ListBoxEx list is empty.

    I am attaching a zip file with the complete project.
    Any help you guys can give me is greatly appreciated.
    Attached Files