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How to create objects dynamically by xml

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  • How to create objects dynamically by xml


    Firstly so sorry for my bad english. I'm trying Autoplay Media Studio for catalog listing app. My page theme like as picture:

    I'm newbie, so I don't have enough kowledge.

    I've catalogs folder. And I've 5 subfolder in this folder (each folder contain different catalog). But later this catalog count dynamically can be increased. I want to add a xml file to catalogs main folder. And this xml file should contain CatalogImage = catalogs->catalog1->catalog-image.jpg, CatalogTitle = "Catalog 1", CatalogTarget="\AutoPlay\catalogs\catalog1\index.h tml" etc. informations. Later, I can add new catalog folder and xml entry (update xml file).

    In my page template, I want to create image carousel (like as screenshot) and I want to create its content objects dynamically by reading object properties from xml file...

    This is possible. If it is possible please tips for me?


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    You can use a ThumbList object for showing the thumbnails of your catalogue, or you can use the Image object, and load the desired graphic file into it at runtime (when clicking on the navigation buttons). There also are actions for parsing data from XML files provided in AutoPlay Media Studio. Export your current project and show us by attaching it where you got stuck.