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    I'm an old AMS 4 user who just purchased AMS 8 and trying to get myself back up to speed. I have projects that will expire every month (subscription) and the client needs to update to be able to continue using the content. I looked at TrueUpdate, and I don't mind buying it if it's the right solution but I wanted to ask here first.

    If I'm just needing them to download a new version of content and it's not an install, just a run .exe product, do I need to do anything other than just put a new one on the server and have them download it and delete the previous version? Seems the easiest solution but I also don't want them setting the date back on their computer to keep using the old one (and stop paying me). What is my most practical solution?


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    Probably you could implement a "phone home" mechanism in the On Startup script of your application, sending the user's serial number to a form on your web server, where the subscription is checked. If the subscription is active, the server would send a (most likely encrypted) reply back with some extra control data. If the data matches, allow the application to proceed / start up normally. If the data doesn't match (like when sent from something attempting to impersonate your server) or when the subscription expired, jump to a page explaining the status, then end the application.



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      Thank you for that idea, I'll give it a try.