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  • UAC (user account control) prompt

    Hello forum users,

    I've build a great application but i have a small issue that i want to resolve. My application is deployed to the program file folder. And in it's Autoplay folder is an XML file where it stores and reads settings to and from. But i discovered that i need to set the requested user privilege level to administrator BEFORE my application may edit that file. It seems thats only the case when it's in the program files folder. outside of it it does not matter if i am right. But when i set the requested user privilegde level to administrator it comes up with a UAC (user account control) prompt. This is confusing for my users. Is there a way to have read and write access to my XML file in program files WITHOUT the UAC prompt?

    Kind regards,


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    Store the application in ProgramFiles, as you do currently, but place the data file in a different location, like AppData, Local AppData, etc. You may want to read this.