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Help With Reading A Maganetic Card

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  • Help With Reading A Maganetic Card

    I have a magnetic card reader and a magnetic card that am using to read in text into an input field; yet the problem am facing is that this card is encoded with 15 characters that are read into the input field separately - triggering 15 different on e_Key events. Is there a way that i can wait until all the 15 character a fully read before i can proceed with that captured data? Thank you.

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    if(Input.GetText(this):len() >= 15)then 
    -- done?
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      Thank you Imagine Programming, that helps. Is the a way of making the same check without the use of the number 15, as to insure that the application is always compatible with a new batch of cards in case they have less or more character than the one i currently testing on. Thank you.


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        In that case, perhaps an alternative approach could be using a timer. Each time a new e_Key event is fired, check if the timer is running, starting it if not active, or resetting a counter if already active. Once the time passed since the last entry exceeds a predefined time, stop the timer and run whatever code you want using the current contents of the Input field.
        In this manner you could have a variable amount of data in the Input, and the validation would always happen after a certain time of inactivity, when no new data is provided.



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          Thank you Ulrich.


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            Originally posted by HLBterence View Post
            Thank you Ulrich.
            What card system are you using may I ask, I been looking at doing this myself for a few things I be intrested in a little how two of the hardware and software
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