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    OK after a few years of losing the best RPG Engine I created for AMS I started again I have the sprite moving not the best but he move's but the NPC's can't move this is simple why there not moving AMS is single threaded, I could create it with the global plugin but this would mean making users install another plugin to make it work so not really a option

    So problem one time's, you might say but you had a engine working before, well yes but I was using that plugin at the time.

    Problem two I want to make the game layout 32 by 32 tiles, problem here is that AMS can not handle 32 x 800by544 x 3 Why this strange screen size, there mutlis of 32. and why then all of this times 3, well ground layer 1, yes could cheat here make it one big layer but I not sure how I would go ahead let a editor later on edit the layers, layer two the main tiles like options and walls, and last one would be items or a added layer for map so you have walk on, around or block or throth and under layer.

    So mapping is a problem, next is I lost all collision mapping people helped me with I had help with two options one that would of supported the 32 by or there was a demo where you set a map with a color and you can't walk on that this demo I lost sadly.

    So, so far stock AMS 1 RPG 0.

    Can you make a RPG game in AMS YES I have done it, can it be a plugin, well no not really not with what I know anyway I am sure others can intergate other tech in to a plugin to do it. Other ideas like adding Open GL or other things on top for me is not easy I was trying to aim for AMS native.

    I have found my sprite demo where I can get a sprite to move but AMS does not support sprite sheets where I hope to open a new topic on that see if we can get any where with that but that means I had to always have the image split up this means I can't support other sprites already made users have to make there own.

    I have not stopped my research on this but AMS natvie support for a RPG game, HARD WORK I wont say it can't be done it can, you don't need moving NPC's and you can still have flashy vides for battle scenes and things like this but it would be very static world, and this is without lighting affects and shadowing what most RPG games offer.

    I would like to hear from others on how they would do this but I want to try stay native AMS as much as we can I mean all inbuild functions or functions that are created with lua only that can be included in the AMS's global

    So please lets get something going here lets talk its about AMS and its about games something we all love

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    Playing around with this more it also seems that keyboard input is also blocking each other so been able to press a key to set a action off going seems to block other keys working until the action is finished ..
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