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  • Why AMS Why :)

    Right I have found my sprite plugin code I did and I also find a few other little bits of code and Now I have the darn RPG Engine in the blood again, IR I hate you for making a tool I keep getting adicted to

    Anyway ways would people do collisons and other things like this the checks I have
    right now are little stupid.

    Thanks to arb tho we got means to detect collion but it would create blocking in the wrong places or it would say its blocking and then unblock in another.

    I have just added the check if its enabled so I could use blocking images only when enabled.

    PHP Code:
        -- Premission to move
    trueRightPremission trueUpPremission trueDownPremission true;
    Check for any snag
        local Objects 
    i,j in pairs(Objects) do
    ImageName ~= and ~= "Report" then
                local Block 
    local Actor_X Image.GetPos(ImageName).X
    local Actor_Y Image.GetPos(ImageName).Y;
    Block then
    -- Check for availability of right move
    if Image.GetPos(j).== Actor_X+32 and Math.Abs(Actor_Y-Image.GetPos(j).Y) < 32 then RightPremission false; return jend
    -- Check for availability of left move
    if Image.GetPos(j).X+32 == Actor_X and Math.Abs(Actor_Y-Image.GetPos(j).Y) < 32 then LeftPremission false; return jend
    -- Check for availability of down move
    if Image.GetPos(j).== Actor_Y+32 and Math.Abs(Actor_X-Image.GetPos(j).X) < 32 then DownPremission false; return jend
    -- Check for availability of up move
    if Image.GetPos(j).Y+32 == Actor_Y and Math.Abs(Actor_X-Image.GetPos(j).X) < 32 then UpPremission false; return jend
    this kind of works but also does not it sometimes I can go throw a image even if its meant to be blocking I sware I fixed this in the RPG demo I posted on youtube but never new what happened to that demo.

    So has anyone got any ideas
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    I am having a really big problem with this one

    if Image.GetPos(j).X == Actor_X+32 and Math.Abs(Actor_Y-Image.GetPos(j).Y) < 32 then RightPremission = false; return j; end

    the Actor is still able to pass throw the object + 32 so goes all the way to the other side of it and then stops, No matter what I change this to this happens even if I change the actor + option,

    So when I am moving right ----->
    + Numbers i go throw the object + 32
    But the maths on one given object was 128(Object) == 128 (96+32)(actor) what should mean this actor shouldn't be able to move that way but it is more then able to move that way but 32 more then blocked I am really confused with this maths lol
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      HAHA I am back the RPG Bug as got me.


      This demo has a image that moves, no sprite movement as of yet but it moves all the same, you have your blocking images, your path under and action blocks.

      I have not commented it or anything as its just a wee demo for you to see AMS can do some basic games if you really wanted it to.

      Re-size the window to see a little more of the map.

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