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  • Get idle time with MemoryEx

    Hi, can anyone help me with this, I want to have something run after a period of user/system inactivity.

    From what I could gather until now, I've found a few ways I can go about it and those would be;

    1. Using Task Scheduler (good idea but I like to keep it clean, I don't want to create a task just to get some info)

    2. Using AMS built in functions w/ timer (wich is not what I want because this puts additional resource usage on my application)

    3. Hooking Keyboard and Mouse (not an option for me)


    4. Checking GetLastInputInfo wich -seems- to be what I want.

    Calling this function would return a value that could allow me to determine when was the last input event.
    One thing to note here (as stated in MS doc. above) is that this only works per session and in my understanding is that if multiple users are logged in at the same time this would become somewhat useless to me.
    So, if anyone is aware of something else I could use that would be nice.

    I've tried some samples I've found on the forum using the MemoryEx plugin but no go as I don't have any programming skills other than an good understanding of how it all works together

    Thank you for your time!

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    Why don't you ask your friends at *************?
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      What is this supposed to mean ? What are you implying ?