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How to avoid FlashObject preload

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  • How to avoid FlashObject preload

    Hi friends. Pls help.

    I have 3 different quiz on each page to test user. He is required to switch between the quizzes.

    My problem is, I want the FlashObject to remain at level the user left it, let's say he must have some options page 1, then he decide answer on page 2. When he return to page 1 the screen should still be we're he was.

    Im thinking if it's possible load the flash file to its object program startup then show it with the object during the OnShow in the object

    This is in all to avoid the user to see the preloading of the flash. Better still I think my question could have very short.

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    Don't use pages instead use show/hide objects.


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      Thanks, pretty sure your concept will work. I will try that.

      Pls, is it possible to fetch from a flash made quize and display it in Label or html object? I will appreciate some example or sample


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        It will work but for best effect disable the main window then show/hide what you need to mimic the page jump then enable the main window and redraw.