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Image redraw blur bug

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  • Image redraw blur bug

    I am having problem with image just bluring on me. I am using a regular timed script to move Image from place to place. This gives the image an animation like moving effect. the only problem is that image tends to blur for the eye and makes very annoying effect which looks horrible. It just doesn't look smooth. I tried everything but with no succes. I just need a smooth scripted movement to create animaton. I don't want flash or any other fixed animation. I tried changing the timer interval and tried at the same time changing the speed of the image but it's the same. It just doesn't want to be smooth. sometimes I think it flickers a little bit. I don't know.

    Image.SetPos("Image1", result.X, result.Y + 10); << that's the starting point

    Firstly i used it with keys then I changed it so the page does it automaticaly on show. Still notthing. Hope someone knows the problem and better yet a solution. Thanks in advance.

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    You are always going to get some form of blur/flicker when moving windows as that's just what happens with redrawing however you can make it so its done before the eye can see it, instead of moving windows/controls try having a few images and showing and hiding instead.


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      I thought about that but I am not sure that I can manage to make that with short script to work with what I want. Anyway I resolved my problem with something else (I actualy made some of the backgroud images move and the central image that should have focus on it is not moving and now it's not blurred ), but I would still want some ideas about this one if anyone tryed something.