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  • Looking for a little help please

    So i have been trying for weeks now to get my project to fit to any screen resolution and i am failing every time, so my last hope is you guys and i was wondering if anyone has a blank project that is 1080x1920 and will will fit if the resolution is smaller thanks in advance if anyone can help me out.

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    You can arrange your application for numerous resolutions and export them like that and just use different yourapp.cdd that can be found in Autoplay folder of your finnished application to change resolutions. I know this doesn't make sense but it can work. You obvioulsy can't fit an application designed for bigger resolution to fit smaller. but you can make your application for numerous resolutions than uppon starting the application it will find the users current resolution and then it will run the application for that particular resolution. The resolution part and all of the scripts are in the .cdd file so you can pretty much export all those applications than collect theirs .cdd files than at the start of the application determine what the resolution is than copy the .cdd you need to the Autoplay folder of the application and restart the application and it will fit the resolution. I hope that helps you I did this while back so i think that is the way to go.