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How do i make a progress runba r based an activity

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  • How do i make a progress runba r based an activity

    I want a progress bar to run true progress based on the time it takes for the process. Lets say, you are opening a file that normally takes more than 5 minutes of windows to open. How do i make AMS progress behave same?

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    Well you can't really use progress bar on such thing because some computers are slower and some faster than others so based on time you wouldn't get it right but if you know the exact time some action takes and you want to transfer that to the progress than you can do this for example:

    if you need for example 5 minutes progress

    create progress bar and set step to 1
    and range from 0 to 300 then start the action you want to start and set the script so
    when the action starts you run the timer
    Page.StartTimer(1000, 10);

    and OnTimer write this down

    if e_ID == 10 then

    hope that helps