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Picture Thumbnail HELP!!!! please

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  • Picture Thumbnail HELP!!!! please

    I need help to make a program that shows thumbnail pictures .jpg of video files that I can scroll thru and choose from, And when I click what one I want to play it exits out and opens up in my media player. Can anybody help me please?

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    What have you done so far? Do you have your thumbnails yet? Have you created them? You firstly have to create thumbnails to use. For each video you need to create thumbnail still or animation like flash or something. it is better and more professional if you take a few secconds of the given video and make it into animation than put that as a thumbnail. Or even simpler cut out a few secconds of the video decrese the resolutuon to say 100px x 100px and use that short video as thumbnail for the real video.


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      I made some jpeg thumbnails put I couldn't figure out what I was doing at all because its been so long since I've used this progam. I'm completely stuck :(


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        Can anybody please help me out????