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Input Box Trouble

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  • Shrek
    I haven't got access to my version of AMS to do you a sample today but in the MemoryEx samples Baz has made one that does show how a Input is subclassed then has the messages intercepted to alter the text, once you see what's going on then all you are doing after that is some string formatting in the intercepted messages.

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  • John31
    started a topic Input Box Trouble

    Input Box Trouble

    I have tried to get MemoryEx Plugin to force an input box to 2 decimal points but am really stuck. I have an input box used for inputting the value of an item and I want for the input to be to 2 Decimal points. So if the user inputs a value of say 25 then this would automatically change to 25.00, is there a way this can be done?
    All help appreciated.