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  • Video preload

    Hi All

    Im stuck Working AMS8 project built working fine on HDD
    Upon building to DVD and playing back from various machines the 112mb Intro Video does not play smoothly.. Granted its a large file

    Looked all over this forum and found Preload info and built with that.... still not working as anticipated...
    Any pointers of how I might get this to work would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in Advance

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    Working with this I found:

    -- Show the default status dialog
    StatusDlg.Show(MB_ICONINFORMATION, false);
    -- Set the message that appears
    StatusDlg.SetMessage("Loading Video... Please wait");
    -- Set the title of the dialog
    StatusDlg.SetTitle("Loading Video");
    -- Load the video into an existent video object
    Video.Load("Video1", "AutoPlay\\Videos\\LargeVideo.mpeg", true, false);

    -- Hide the dialog

    This shows and hides the dialog although there is no progress in the indicator bar.... Once the video shows its as if no preload has occurred as the resulting playback is very stuttered, should it not be being cached somewhere on the machine being used...??

    Any help Please, I'm running out of blank DVD,s



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      It looks like you are trying to play back a video faster than your DVD drive is able to stream the data. If it works from the hard drive but not from the optical drive, then you have a bottleneck at the DVD. You may need to use a video with lower resolution or with a different (and more efficient) compression algorithm.



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        Thank you for your reply Ulrich
        Yes the DVD Drive is unable to return the information in time...
        USB port works fine.
        Was wondering however if there if there was some code that would enable the Video to preload into the host machines temp cache/memory