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Game Menu - with our without a database question.

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  • Game Menu - with our without a database question.

    I am wanting to create a menu for launching games, I am putting together all my old dos games and want a launcher for them so I can display things like Genre, Type of game, year release, videos, slide shows, box art, ect.
    When looking by genre (Game could have multiple genres) I would like to have a list like this:

    All Games (53)
    Actions (27)
    RPG (14)
    Racing (6)

    Where it lists the different genres with how many games fall under that genre at the end with the top being all games.

    Then when I click on a genre it list all the games that fall under that genre. Then once I click on a game it loads up all the info for the game including videos or pics ect..

    I would like to have it so I can just put files in the directories of the game and have the system read from the files so I don’t have to manage anything when I add another game to the list.

    What is the best way to go about this? I will have this on a CD running.
    Do I have to use a database instead? And if so will it work running from a cd regardless of the pc I put it into?

    I do currently have a setup that reads a directory and within that directory I listed genres by folders and within each genre folder I have the game and all the info listed.

    So list box 1 reads all the folders in the genres folder and populates it in the list to select from (Without a number at the end of how many game in the list)
    Then list box 2 reads the selected genre folder and reads all the sub folders which are the list of games within it.
    Then a game is listed it populate on the screen with the info, currently from text files and such.

    But I have discovered this method will not work and I want something what works better.

    If you can help point me in the right direction and maybe some example code I will try and see what I can break.

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    Well I have found info about sqlite and was watching a video from here and downloaded the project, but the project I downloaded gives me an error, so am I missing something? It was created for v6 and I have v8.

    I have downloaded DB Browser for SQLite, and it can't read the database once a table is created.

    I have even looked at the help on sqlite plugin and using this code from the help file:
    db = SQLite.Open("sesame.db");
    SQLite.Query(db, "create table Users(userid integer primary key, LastName text, FirstName text, Age integer)");
    but even that does not seem to work. the file is created, but once the table is created it does not work.

    What am I missing?


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      Ok I have figured it out. Don't remember all the steps to get it working but it is now.

      Mostly thanks to this post here

      note: I am unable to edit my posts or I would mark this as solved.