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Worm's Keystrokes.dll ?

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  • Worm's Keystrokes.dll ?

    Hi everyone,

    I have been playing with an old dll from Worm called keystrokes.
    I attempted to send a PM to him, but just in case it doesn't reach him,
    posting this anyway.

    The dll seems to use the same API as programs like winbatch and
    Autoit, which I can use to sendkeys in AMS. My question is, does
    this dll still work in latest version of AMS8, and if so is there a donate
    button for Worm ? Or does Worm have a website. Or is it a freebie ?

    I have googled worm keystrokes.dll and get a bunch of malware
    references.. lol...

    just trying to do the right thing here and cant really see anything
    on his dll file under copyright.