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Plugins help files missing

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  • Plugins help files missing

    I was going to use the included FTP plugin and noticed that the help files is missing when I click help. This is true for all the bundled plugins.

    Plugins are there and seem to work, but need to know how to use.

    I searched on this in the forum and couldn't find anything. Any references in the forums pointing to plugin help files show dead links.

    I'm using a "Personal edition" of AMS if that has anything to do with it?

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    The help files are present in the plugin folders, yet they may not be shown when the Help button is clicked, depending on what you have configured as your default browser. This issue was fixed in later versions of AutoPlay Media Studio. In the old Personal Edition, you will need to browse to the Plugins\Actions\FTP folder (which is a sub folder where you installed AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition), and open the HTML help file manually in your browser to read it.



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      Thanks, that nailed it!