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  • Need help with Copy idea


    I need to copy files for a specific date (11/18/2015) that are new or modified, from each users folder. Then I need those files to go into a folder called recovery on a different drive in a users folders.

    Folder structure on source:

    x:\admins\smithj etc.
    x:\admins\jackson etc.
    x:\staff\thompson etc
    x:\staff\someuser etc

    Folder structure on destination:

    y:\users\admins\smithj etc.
    Y:\users\admins\jackson etc.
    Y:\users\staff\thompson etc
    Y:\users\staff\someuser etc

    How can I have the files on source based on date copy to each users folder. What is the best way to traverse username and folders. I need to make sure each users files are placed In the correct user folder under recovery.

    Can this been easily done in AMS or robocopy?

    Any help would be great. Thanks!

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    You can do this with AutoPlay Media Studio - actually I have built a similar tool already, which mirrors a source folder, with all contents and sub folders, to a different location, copying only the files which are newer than those copied by the last operation. Simply use File.Find() to get the list of files to copy and process the files, comparing the attributes with the aid of File.GetAttributes().



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      Thanks I will give that a try.