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  • AES256 Encrytion

    Has anyone used a good lua or dll means of AES256 encryption in AMS or lua its self, as the one I have used so far is giving me a string that returns unredable for any other AES decoder.




    or п№11ИЗв№NGє˜т24¤_ДД3xKЅj1—#;' from "This is a message".

    AMS can convert if its given to it from the function that created it or from the Scintilla but not if you manual add it to the string of the function, I know this is because AMS can't handle this kind of string so how would I make this key compatable with AMS its self and other decoders as this would be important when a user sends a message from my client to another server what might be using another client coded in another language.


    I also have to use another lua5.1.dll to that includes bit

    AMS will encode and decode the strong but NO other AES decoders will read it as its not plain ASCII, my question is if there is not another dll or means to do it is this a safe string ?

    I have tested the bit from there example on luajit and that seems to be working fine.

    Can anyone explain why its returning a string that only AMS will decode ?

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    Ulrich could this need your plugin to convert the string?
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