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Any Suggestions on how to optimize this schedule concept?

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  • Any Suggestions on how to optimize this schedule concept?

    Working on setting up a scheduler and having a difficult time trying to work out the logic for this...

    Right now I have a Global I want to call on any given hour on any selected day... LOL

    I have been working on this for a week now and its driving me crazy.

    I have a timer set up to compare hourly variables every second to see if they match on the hour... but I feel I am trying to do to much stuff every second but maybe this is just how its done but I don't think so. Also I haven't even started working out the week days or weeks yet.

    But at the end of the day I need them to select what days they want to run the hourly schedule, then run a global function on which ever hours they check??? Does this make sense at all?

    BTW I am on AMS8

    Any suggestions would be helpful.... I will include a part of my apz here so you can see the direction I am trying to go with this...:yes
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    is there a way for me to cruise a table every second and look for 1's and 0's? would that be more efficient?


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      What you trying to do, make a like a calender what reminds you of things if you have them set? I little lost what your trying to do first, sorry I could download your app but I am out on mobile data and can't download it right now.

      If you want to do something like this and want it to let say pop up and say hello user you have have a meeting in 4 hours you then like you say have a table or a file that it checks for the time it needs to show it, also I check every 30 seconds unless you need down to the second alerts.
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        I actually have a global function that sends a command to another program at the given time. So basically I have a checkbox for the 24 hours in the day. they may check all 24 if they want the system to get a command every hour. but they may check only the hours from 9am - 5pm... so they would get a signal every hour on the hour from 9-5....


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          That still does not tell me what you really want AMS to do, but ya you don't have to have it every second if your checking per hur you can cut that check down to like every 30 seconds or what ever, sending command line data is the problem I am sure here lol.

          I trying to understand what your app is and does to the end user, also I am guessing your tool as to be open all the time?

          if your app accepts commands and as no GUI you can access the windows tasks to fire them ever so offen, so ya need little more help here lol, also I am setting up a none offical ams chat via discord, would you be intrested
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            its super simple... Im just sending a cmd to VLC to play a video! however I am sending it over the net. I have all of that side worked out funny enough that was simple for me but tables and working with a ton of info on a page in AMS seems to not jive so well in this old head of mine. i vs j vs k vs ???? LOL im just randomly putting thing on buttons and trying them at this point.... I have 24 checkboxes that == each hour. if hour 8 is checked we run a global at 8 and so on. but then I want to add in week days as well... so I will end up with a TON of checkboxes on this page so I wanted to get some loops or tables set up on the front end to deal with all the info

            Yes the Chat would be fun!


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              Right now we getting some where lol right so your using AMS as a reply to your computer to be able grab commands online to then pass it to VLC am I right in that part?

              Right I running a chat for AMS your welcome to come to that
    , you don't have to register with discord but I would advice you to.

              I am not at home at the moment to view your demo but I think I get a little more what your trying to do.
              Tables are also my pet hate in AMS lol
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                yes ams will just be a scheduler for our other functions.