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  • myMenu DLL

    a simple dll to customize your menu.
    for the IconID read the pdf file in the zip


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    Your example is using a very out of data plugin, update to ListIcon and then maybe repost, since ListIconEx is downloadable still.
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      Correct me if I'm wrong, but does this DLL contain resources with icons? It does not contain any functions, thus you expect the user to use the DLL as icon pack? Why not distribute the icons?
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        LOL, it would seem so. 199 icon files. And not much else.

        Equally as baffling - what exactly is the point of a dll that relies on a paid plugin to serve its purpose? (Wasn't ListBoxEx actually one of Serkan's commercial plugins? And no longer available since he took amsplugins offline?)

        Bafflement aside, it's a little disconcerting because I've actually seen this demo-apz several times over the years, in various & sundry corners of the web. Or something that looks virtually identical to it?. But hey, that's cool - no judgments from this corner, sunshine. I'd just like to get a handle on the actual point of this little endeavor.


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          He has made it in Axialis IconWorkshop and I think I would use a dll created in Axialis IconWorkshop for my icons but I make my own and I would use ListIconEx myself, Resource dlls are good but I do believe it to be better to provide them as .ico and people can pack them up how they want.

          Edit: Or I missed that I didn't know this was a old example lol
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