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    Can someone give a link to download the plugin Icon Object Plugin? I will be very grateful.

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    One of Reteset's old projects. Originally developed for AMS-6/7 and released via his old website (original thread:

    It was later updated for AMS-8 with last known release being listed at v1.3.1.0 (see here:

    It appears that a further update was made at some later stage to v1.4.0.0; although I can't actually find any forum-listings which reference this latter version. I do however have a copy of v1.4.0.0 in my personal library. Though I no longer have a record of the forum-link from which it was sourced, most likely it was obtained directly via back when the site was still online.

    Given that Serkan's old website is no longer online and that he released this as a FREE plugin, I see no logical reason why it can't be freely shared here. So, last known version is attached for you below:

    Thanks for posting your request in English this time!
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