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Active Directory Action Plugin

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  • Active Directory Action Plugin

    What it is...
    This plugin is designed for simple Active Directory queries. It can test user athentication and also get user and domain info.

    What it's not...
    This is not an AD management plugin. I've intentionally left out functions that alter Active Directory objects and settings. There are plenty of free and more versatile AD management solutions out there so I'll not be reinventing the wheel with this plugin.

    First, you must be in a domain environment for this to work correctly.
    Second, you must have the CommandLine plugin installed and included in any project which uses this AD plugin.

    Attached Files
    I've included the plugin, an example and also the source code in the form of an Action Plugin Maker project file.

    Please let me know if you find any bugs or would like more features added.

    Thanks to Bas and Ulrich for your help.
    Attached Files

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    welcome back Soldier
    tnks for plugin


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      Back in action, Centauri? Nice to see.
      Might just have to find some spare time to start hanging out here again.


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        Hey BioHazard, good to see you! Yeah, life kinda kick me around for awhile but I've got a bit of time now so I wiped the dust off my code and decided to start creating again. I just revamped the back-end code on my website and I'm also gonna bring my other plugins up to date. It's nice to see familiar faces. Hey, maybe we'll get the whole crew back on here :P.


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          I think some of the crew lurk in the background.

          This plugin is a really useful one. I'm sure it'll come in handy one day. Thanks Centauri Soldier
          = Derek
          ["All glory comes from daring to begin" - fortune cookie]