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Use a custom font in Grid object

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  • Use a custom font in Grid object

    I have a font I have designed myself so I am certain other users will not have it installed on their PC.
    How should I proceed in order to use that font within my AMS app and make sure the final user will see it properly? I mean, other than asking the user to install it.
    I want to use it in Grid (standard) object.

    thanks a lot.

    David R.

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    Hi daviz ,you put this in wrong section.Here is some code and example from my achives.
    Just place your custom font in docs folder

    System.RegisterFont("AutoPlay\\Docs\\Rocket2Shadow .otf", "Rocket2Shadow", false); -- I put false so that it is not logged continuously
    --System.UnregisterFont("AutoPlay\\Docs\\Rocket2Shad ow.otf", "Rocket2Shadow", true); -- I put true so that it unregisters continuously
    -- true : The font file is permanently registered/unregistered on the user's system. (Predetermined)
    -- false : The font file will be temporarily registered/unregistered on the user's system. This means that they will be recorded until a system reboot.
    tProperties1 = {};
    tProperties1.Enabled = true;
    tProperties1.Visible = true;
    tProperties1.FontName = "Rocket2Shadow";
    Grid.SetProperties("Grid1", tProperties1);
    Have also included apz & exe in zip file


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      that is exactly what I needed.

      P.D: I wanted to delete the post and repost in correct thread but I believe it is not possible.