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    ThumbList files of item ComboBox

    i need on viwe files in page ,temperament ThumbList files of item ComboBox no item large ,please need me.
    thanks very much of you


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      As far I can see in the help, it is not possible because available options are:

      EXPLORER_LARGEICON 0 Large icon mode.

      EXPLORER_SMALLICON 1 Small icon mode.

      EXPLORER_LIST 2 List icon mode.

      EXPLORER_REPORT 3 Report mode (columns, default mode).

      These are for the ExplorerList; for the ExplorerCombo there are no options for different visualizations.
      We are slowly invading your planet to teach lazy humans to read the user manual.
      But don't be scared: we are here to help.


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        I've tested the plug-in on win7. I can't open files by double click from the explorer plug-in. Does it support opening files ?
        Also; How can I specify path inside project directory, a relative path ?


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          Not everything in life comes ready-made.

          Give a look to the example provided with the plugin (and also to its help file) and you will discover how to select paths, open files and many other stuff.
          We are slowly invading your planet to teach lazy humans to read the user manual.
          But don't be scared: we are here to help.


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            Originally posted by Cybergraph View Post
            Not everything in life comes ready-made..
            Absolutely, I did that. I used functions provided by the plug-in to open files. I still have some bugs to resolve.

            Thank you very much.


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              very useful plugin. thank you


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                and your first post was to show appreciation for my work, I thank you
                Embrace change in your life, you never know, it could all work out for the best


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                  Hi guys

                  I wonder if I can trouble your brains. This is my first post on here. I am trying to create an autorun menu, that opens a navigable explorer such as this, but allows you to double click the files and open them.

                  Not only do I need to open them, but I need to open them using an EXE which is on the same removable disk containing the autorun menu, AND it is a file extension that windows does not recognise.

                  So I have a bit of a task, to be able to double click a file and pass arguments to open it with an EXE on the disk.

                  Can I do this, is it possible? Are there people that can help me do it?

                  I've been messing around with all kinds of autorun menu software and this is the only suite and plugin that comes close.

                  Many thanks



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                    I might add I searched the help html files and could not find anything about making the files open.

                    I tried the script option for open > file but that seems to only be for a file you specify in the script, rather than what's selected in the window. It's at this point I know I'm shooting in the dark


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                      I dreamt hard and added: File.Open(sPath..tSel.Name, "", SW_SHOWNORMAL); and it worked!

                      great plugin. now I have to see if I can over come this unknown exe issue


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                        Check the documentation for File.Run(). The first argument should be the path to the proper executable for opening the kind of file, the second one the argument - the path to the document which was selected.



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                          Yeah I thought that, I came up with the following:

                          File.Run("L:\\Viewer\\PDCViewer.exe", "sPath..tSel.Name", "AutoPlay\\", SW_SHOWNORMAL, false);

                          I've got the drive letter in there for test purposes as \\Autoplay wasn't working on preview.

                          The application now loads, but the argument isn't doing anything. I thought it needs another set of quotations (as the program wants the argument in quotes, but that won't work. It may already be outputing in quotes though.



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                            I think the problem is the following line of code requires quotations around the argument for the exe to load the file:

                            File.Run("L:\\Viewer\\PDCViewer.exe", sPath..tSel.Name, SW_SHOWNORMAL, false);

                            But I cannot put quotes into that syntax as "sPath..tSel.Name" no longer works as a variable

                            See the problem anyone?


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                              Have a look into the section dealing with concatenation.

                              You can use the "'s but you need to "enquote" them and then concatenate


                              --Your style:
                              --Enquoting the "
                              File.Run("L:\\Viewer\\PDCViewer.exe", "\""..sPath..tSel.Name.."\"", "AutoPlay\\", SW_SHOWNORMAL, false);
                              In this case the \" escapes the action of the ", so in essence we are using " just like any other string.

                              MyString = "A short string";  <-- this returns A short string
                              MyQuotes = "\"";  <-- this returns "
                              Hope this helps.



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                                Hi maddogdean thanks that's really helpful I shall try working with that