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httpaccess plugin, blocking websites via your project

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  • httpaccess plugin, blocking websites via your project

    httpaccess Autoplay Media Studios plugin. This plugin was designed to enable you to register and unregister domains to be blocked and unblocked, the plugin also supports end user language file so you can define the end user dialogs.

    This plugin as taken me around 2 days to program, it is based on my mother days no plugin but I have added the checker and with this plugin you have the power on how your store the blocked and unblocked details, but this plugin will do the blocking for you.

    This plugin is for Autoplay Media Studios 8 Pro/Free.

    • httpaccess.register
    • httpaccess.unregister
    • httpaccess.check
    • httpaccess.dialect

    Full Details:


    This plugin is only free for people that are making free software, opensource/freeware, NO payware use unless you contact me and pay for that right.

  • #2 is now ready I will update autoplaymediastudio soon.


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      Is it ready yet ?


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        It was read along time ago and was posted but something happened, I will try and see if I still have the files somewhere for this and reupload to autoplaymediastudio soon as I can, I am very unwell right now so I have no idea on the time scale this will be you can also find it forum.h its the last post and its under my main username Rexzooly, good luck.


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          I wish all the best for you to get well

          I've started to writer my own code and I'm about done .. I'm stuck on some tables stuff .. blah as I added some error checkings. I'll checkout the forum, thank you!