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Action Plugin: SMTP - Transport error code 0x80040217

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  • kachok
    Yes, I know about this settings and already enabled it.
    But, still the same! :(

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  • Friethoe
    Discovered that you can also get this error when Gmail's security settings don't allow messages to be sent from the address you intend to use. I had to enable access for less secure apps for my account in question by:

    Logging into the address you want to use for sending email from Excel.
    Visit the page
    Click Enable Less Secure Apps.
    Click Done.

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  • Action Plugin: SMTP - Transport error code 0x80040217


    I use SMTP in my app.

    -- Server Properties
    tblServerProperties = {};
    tblServerProperties.Server = "";
    tblServerProperties.ServerPort = 465;
    tblServerProperties.UseSSL = true;
    tblServerProperties.Authenticated = true;
    tblServerProperties.UserName = <[email protected]>;
    tblServerProperties.PassWord = <password>;

    When I check the plugin on my PC, then everything is OK.

    But when users run my app on other PC (from other countries), a message appears:

    "The message could not be sent to the SMTP server. The transport error code was 0x80040217. The server response was not available"

    UserName and PassWord - 100% correct.

    Has anyone encountered this problem?