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    This was a simple idea using AES Crypt, few word and letter replacements, it does not really offer real encryption part from what the AES creates but it was more to stop key logging via app, I not sure if windows is able capture strings in apps but this stops the key input capture.

    This software is not made to be released I made it half sleep, II been working on this idea for about 10 years on and off the last app based on the same code base was a tool that created blog like posts with a hidden encrypted note, problem was ams + aes was lagging a little to encrypt 2000 + characters and AMS's limit for the input box means I was unable to decode the messages if they was over 500 characters as after encoding it was much larger.

    So I made this little note pad cos I couldn't get back to sleep one morning about 3 am to see if it would work on a smaller platform, and it does, never got around to finishing it.
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    The source was AIR Edited in places, as I hard coded DialogEX closes and other things so I edited it, it should work but if it don't just reply and we sort it.
    also feel free to comment bugs on GitHub.

    GitHub (Here)

    PasteBin (Here)

    nokey.lua.txt -- Rename/Remove the .txt sorry the forum wont let me upload a raw Lua file.


    AES Crypt Windows (
    AutoPlay Media Studio 8.x

    Sorry can't wrap the source here in post, it wont even let me upload a lua file, IR, what have you done here guys fix this, your tool use Lua so it should accept lua files.
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      Longtime I didn't join 4rum and you still keep doing great kingzooly


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        I still keep AMS in my heart, sadly wife said until they really update this I am not OK to update and I not going to ever until I see a reason to, I have no reason to update 8.2 is able to do everything the 8x versions can do
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