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Open file..Intelligent game design for memory training

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  • Open file..Intelligent game design for memory training

    Memory training game
    It is a game that relies on showing pictures to the player, then the program shows him a set of images that he will click on with the soil that appeared on him
    I mean, for example, a red triangle will appear, then a green square, then a red triangle ............
    We show him many pictures, including the correct ones, that he must press first on the red triangle, then the green square, then the red triangle
    An error will return to zero again
    If he succeeds in overcoming, for example, 5 shapes, he will be in a second level more and more
    Of course, you are completely free to modify shapes, enumerate them, or raise challenges
    The important thing is to understand the codes, and then to produce and produce targeted programs

    http://www.*********.com/file/5njuy0...apz/file<br />