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Open file..Intelligent game design who draws the square

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  • Open file..Intelligent game design who draws the square

    Always with purposeful games design
    Today I liked a game that plays with children, especially the days of home stone and corona
    It is called a square drawing game

    The idea is simple, and each series will show one line, the first to complete the drawing of the four sides, and so on

    This is a flash game link for anyone who wants to play it with someone or with the computer

    [flash = http: //] WIDTH = 400 HEIGHT = 350 [/ flash] -

    Now with Autoplay design
    First we will adopt a shape of 9 squares
    We assume for each square a variable whose value is 0 and increases by 1 whatever we press on its sides
    Then we assume two players, one is red and the other is green
    If the box completes red, the box will be red and its name written
    And so on

    Open file