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Open project ... quick mental arithmetic

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  • Open project ... quick mental arithmetic

    An open project ... quick mental arithmetic

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God

    Rapid mental arithmetic program

    Always with educational programs for the primary grade
    This time we offer you a simple program that aims to train your son and daughter on quick mental arithmetic
    By displaying numbers at a specific speed you specify
    And with a series of mathematical operations, you determine their number as well
    Of course, depending on the level, speed can increase or decrease
    This program can be used in cultural competitions to show talent, for example, or a method of motivation

    The program interface
    This is a thumbnail .. Click this bar to view the image in real size.
    An open project ... quick mental arithmetic

    Program form

    After completing the operations, a box appears to write your answer

    Download link

    The open file for this project
    Whoever wants to amend it
    You can simply add a division and multiplication CheckBox

    Project for download