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Open project ...... application to split the image

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  • Open project ...... application to split the image

    Open project ...... application to split the image

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God
    After the internet was cut off and I needed a very, very program to split the image into pieces
    In order to design the puzzel game
    I decided to design a program that does this
    So, I added the help of winipi and the image capture feature
    Of course, you can also use the addition of capture

    In adding winipi, it takes a picture of the whole window, and the addition of capturing enables it to capture part of the window
    However, both can be exploited by making the code work after each period of time and changing the location of the descriptor to be divided to only depict a section.
    In the open example
    The size of the package is 210/200
    In order to divide the image into 9 sections, we must enlarge the image three times
    Profession size 630/600
    We make the code save images to disk c

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