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A Login Page Example with an e-Mail and a Image

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  • A Login Page Example with an e-Mail and a Image

    Hi Folks! Here I share this Login Page Example with you. You can use it or modify it acording to your convenience.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Página de Login.png
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    I would also advice you to work on your GUI's to fit the OS of windows 10 and 11 or more pro looking apps, also remove the licking sound from buttons that is very cringe lol

    Also if you look at my sig you see a link for mokox use that to view my github there are loads of examples you and mess with and even release under new ideas, but best idea is fork them update them and release them for everyone two I might grab one of your examples one day when I have time and make them more software like rather then some *****ed website lol a lot has changed in UI since AMS was a thing lol I might even do it to this one.
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      I messed with it a little and got a little board as I already did a form project a while back what did the same thing but here is a few changes like it checks for crc value rather then checking two files it just checks the one you requested.

      I added some notes in places, I also tweaked the UI it's still kinda bad as I two tried to give a hoot but it's not using the old style buttons there a no no these days lol use a button the OS can style aka xbutton.

      erm I did a few other changes so give it a look change what ever keep what ever remove what ever lol
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        Thanks kingzooly for your advices, Im going to check your improvements and try to learn through it and apply to my proyects in order to improve my work. Really Thanks a Lot.


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          Tweaking and joining it was one of the best things we did here, it's a sad thing that the community became as small as it is more sad that the tool never got the updates we needed like threaded, more updated emabed tools like media player and web and the http functions updated to support all the sockets and web tech that is now out but the tool is still very useful.
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