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An Arithmetic for Kids

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  • An Arithmetic for Kids

    Hi guys! Here you have this litlle app for kids practice the basic math operations.
    You can modify it or whatever you want.
    God bless you!

    Arithmetic for Kids.apz

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    Much cleaner example still need comments in your code and you really need to stop using the normal sound options on your buttons lol disable the sound it makes the app feel like it was made by a 5 year old and takes away from the overall feel, I like the child like feel and it works pretty well.

    Updates for people maybe using it is maybe a scare board so ever time they play it it keeps how many right they did out of how many they have completed so they can get better at it.
    Plugins or Sources MokoX
    BunnyHop Here


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      Thanks a Lot kingzooly​, you are right, I did it quickly with my son of 13 years old in order he could learned more about programming.