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    This Bub from Bubble Bubble 3 Hero's
    this app is just a friendly cyber pet to show you want you could so with AMS
    I am working on more complex game ideas but I wanted to do something to
    get back in to the flow of this.

    Big thanks to:
    Reteset, RizlaUK For plugins I used and IR for AMS.

    I will upload a demo later tomorrow and sorry NO APZ as I am going to be making this in to a tut so you will be able to follow that and make your own, this way you learn how to do things yourself.

    How to use, Keep a eye on the timer bars when they go you will start to lose life, you can play and feed and clean Bub and you will lose gold but also regan gold and XP, I was going to add more but felt there was no need.

    The mute button at the bottom is left all and right background only.

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    Just shared using Dropbox I will be deleting this within 4 days as its trial locked.


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      Hey guys not to be funny but I would like some feed back before making this in to a tut, I sure a good few of the 50 views this post as will have had some downloads, I not asking for a lot I could of just left this in the maybe pile but I didn't I shared with everyone.


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        Hi Gremlin
        I have tried the game and yes looks and plays good.
        I know it's in early stages but if you keep pressing one of the buttons FEED, PLAY or CLEAN you always win.
        The only thing I didn't like was that HonkyTonkVillain background music its annoying.


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          It can be muted, I will add a app key to that so it will remember for the next time you open the program, yes as this was the first ever version of the idea, I think I could add a timer before the action is able to be done again or even a counter that if you over feed or so on that the game will also start taking life off you.

          Thanks for the reply it was very nice to hear from you, I will be writing out a tutorial later this month for it I will update and clean up some code maybe if I get time but the app key to remember the off audio mode will be included but if you just right click on the sound button in the game this will mute just the HonkyTonkvillaion it was a freeby to be used how ever so it was something simple, the sounds on the buttons are from I think one of the Sonic games for the DS if I remember rightly.


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            Looking forward for the tutorial.


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              Going to the GitHub

              I never did a tutorial for this but I have made the project open source, and the source code is now on Hub of Git(GitHub)

              Opening Post:
              Here I bring you Indio Me, this little update just fixed a cheat bug where you can just press feed until you won, now you press it when the pet does not need feeding you will make the pet hurt and lose more gold then it was worth.

              There is some comments within the app but this example was made to show you it could be done not a 'How 2' so I would expect you to already know the basics of AMS and able to read the help file.

              Plugins you will also have to get for this Example are Global Timer Plugin, GroupBox, AutoPlay Media Studio's 8 and some time to study and play.

              I was going to also upload the compressed APZ but since GitHub uploaded the first time for once I will just post the GitHub link.

              To view other projects I have on GitHub

              Plugins or Sources MokoX
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                Click image for larger version

Name:	example.png
Views:	41
Size:	105.8 KB
ID:	310329

                Updated this example, now it will give you a little Bonus ever 500 XP you get so it gives you a little gold back
                I added a few image show and hides and added a way to mute the buttons.

                This example shows you how to use tables, how to use plugins how to show and hide images, play sounds, mute a sound channel, deal with verbs and how to use them in labels and much much more. download the example from github and learn from this code today.
                Plugins or Sources MokoX
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                  I am going to keep adding to this and include different things so it will be a all in one example how to do things, the above demo as buttons, images radio buttons, tables, sounds plugin objects and labels and more I just added a new page to this for a change log this will use paragrath element and drop downs so the hole example is not anything to call home about but each little thing as the basics on how to do something.
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                    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	22 Size:	128.0 KB ID:	310332

                    Updated a little to include a change log page what will not be a full change log but will pinpoint what functions or objects that have been added for people to study.

                    Edit: I removed broken link view post below for working one.
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                      For some reason that link isn't working
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