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    The current PDF object relies on installation of Adobe Reader.

    Modern operating systems, e.g. Microsoft Windows 10 and some browsers will at the very least read PDF files without other software installed. Microsoft Edge may be used to read PDF files. Therefore there is little need to install Adobe Reader; especially for casual use.

    Could you please remove the dependency on Adobe Reader in the PDF object? I realize this may require a rewrite however there are a plethora of pdf software components now available.


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    Adobe Reader needs to be installed on the target computer if you use the PDF object in your project. This component uses the ActiveX control which is part of Reader, not Windows.
    You certainly can open PDF files with other applications, components of recent operating systems or third party command line tools, some of which you even can bundle with your application. This does not change the fact that if you want to embed the PDF document in the page, an ActiveX control is required.



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      cant stand adobe acrobatics rubbish personally , or microsoft for that matter.. they both bloated spyware never ending updating not to be trusted Bullies imo.

      however windows is an evil one cant live without. having the largest user base on the planet..

      APMS could take advantage of the open source alternatives available throughout including many applications from the likes of ie; SUMUTRAPDF , 7zip (for compressing/decompressing) vertually all archive formats including .rar

      yeah.. well.. lol.