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  • few suggestions

    been messing around with this thing and notice a few missing options which could improve several aspects of APMS.

    one area which I've been playing in is the list box arena.. perhaps adding a few more styling options to List boxes like coloured index highlighting , background image additions with Transparency including ability to make BG 100% Transparent.. allowing Page Background to shine through.

    Ability to Customize font colours for indexes etc.

    Erm.. Different shaped buttons like round ones be nice..

    to be fair haven't looked at button creator as yet.. will do though.

    various styling attributes missing from buttons and input boxes like ability to change borders colours and styles dotted double lined etc..

    there's no grouping outlines for radio buttons and check boxes as in other ide's .

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    abilities to add tabs to projects be nice.. I guess this is currently done with a plethora of dialog boxes atop each other with little .png's poking out the top and/or single dialog with interchangeable objects I guess.

    there were several plug-ins built by the community for earlier versions which really should be considered offering the creators some kind if incentive like free updates (which keeps the community alive btw).. like..

    customized sliders
    progress bars

    (forget which posts) but those 2 stuck out like glowing neon balls.

    get them into v9.0 and there's progress already.

    revamp the whole color dynamic and get it in sync with the rest of world ie: #EAEAEA instead of randomnumber 10,756,345 ... :/

    basically adding all the "status quo" bits and pieces from the like of borland / Delphi IDE could greatly benefit APMS.

    Better Web support ditching Microsoft rubbish and or fixing it (nightmare) I'd personally consider more so Firefox / Chrome integration as they are more widely used then I.E

    Rich Text Editor is a bit netted and could do with some love. for example it fails to load embedded images and has some funky things happening when you change the colors here and there. also dad's enormous line spaces @ inappropriate intervals.. just needs someone to look into it a bit more closely.

    The code editor is a pain in the ass and could use some better formatting options ie; Themes for Darker Backgrounds like Visual Studio. ability to select and tab entire chucks of code.

    and when typing various known functions it should offer in settings the ability to automatically correct whilst typing .. as it is atm it just shows a shortglimpse of the correct parameter and then magically vanishes leaving us with a correctly spelt keyword yet case out of sync.. common amongst programmers. ie;


    Should auto correct the unobvious error automatically saving debugging later.. "B"

    The debugger is more of a background resource hog then anything of use.. including the infamous Trace Lag Mode..

    not sure how to get a certain return code back in order to deal with the problem ie; if using the file.copy function .. whats the basic principal for detecting if the file already exists and bouncing a popup onyo the screen requesting next advisable step?

    Added Filefolder options including tapping into windows and getting the amount of files in a directory (just not sure how to do that without virtually crashing the app with the faded dialogbox and bluecircle of death as yet)

    try loading up your system32 directory into a listbox and see what happens..

    yeah.. i'll keep bouncing back as theres issues everywhere..

    but ive either forgotten them or have not come accross them yet.

    oh and the whole true/false boolean thing is a ****ing nightmare. write a function to deal with that prick of a thing and lose the stupid "Not a String" error which makes one want to smash there computer and scream abuse at the oxymoron that incorporated it into this thing.

    yeah every other language in the world can deal with booleans as strings at least in the following sytax;

    print "bImABoolean:"..bImABoolean
    --- hint doesnt = "Error in line 2 , Not. string Value"..

    thats enough for now.. still love APMS and will dabble in it some more.


    ps: sorry about the heated bits.. just get frustrated when the most basic things just don't work.

    ohh reminds.. I think the or Operator needs revamping..

    fkd if i know why the following statement dont make sense to this program/language..

    Adam = "Man";
    Eve = "Woman";
    Human = false;
    if Adam == "Man" or Eve =="Woman" then



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      whoops the abobe code was to emphasize the (OR) Operator more so then my onability to distinguish Humans from Extra Terrestrials .. ehem.


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        another small sugestion is to maybe lose the Spammy Adverts from posts.. or at least make them a little more discrete.. and allow editing of posts. at least for say a descent timeframe.. like 12/24 hours before perma-posting them. saves ppl from .. double , tripple , multi...posting like this ?