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  • Debouncing

    soo... I have noticed when using certain events the whole program can seize up and become unresponsive. Wandering perhaps if the following article could shed some light on a fix for this in the future perhaps.

    The following is a guest post by David Corbacho, a front end engineer in London. We've broached this topic before, but this time, David is going to drive the

    anyway maybe worth looking into.


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    It happens because the programs core is really old and is only single threaded so only one set of commands can be pushed throw at a time so more complex events what will trigger more then one action will block the app, there is ways around this to stop the user from feeling it as bad, but sadly unless it was reprogrammed from the ground up it's still going to have this limit
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      Debouncing is more so related to the on resize / on mouse move events utilized in AMS . This would greatly increase productivity when using these events. As instead of spawning 100+ triggers for said event each time the page is resized or the mouse is moved it registers these events only after a preset time frame. say 100 ms the article above explains these things in greater detail and is worth reading if you consider Web Apps such as twitter and instagram for example.