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Bug - Grid InsertRow

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  • Bug - Grid InsertRow

    Hi all

    i start new simple project

    page size = 800*600

    i add a grid object in this position :
    X = 10;
    y = 610;

    now, i try to insert row in grid. but i give this error code :

    grid pointer is not valid. (i think this error occur because grid position is outside of page)

    but when grid is in this position :
    X = 10;
    Y = 10;

    insert row action work correctly.

    adding item to other object like "list box" even when object is outside of page, will work correctly.

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    Someone is listening to me?


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      Originally posted by mahdishams View Post
      Someone is listening to me?
      If you would be so kind, it's easier for Indigorose to handle bugs when you attach a project that reproduces the problem.
      Bas Groothedde
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