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Please put the CD-ROM back in the drive ERROR?

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  • Please put the CD-ROM back in the drive ERROR?

    An error occurs when I run my application "Please put the CD-ROM back in the drive".

    Please help!

    P.S. My application is run from the hard disk.

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    I am not sure, but here are a couple of things to consider: It is possible that you are deleting something, and the runtime can't find the file afterwards, triggering this message. It could also be that you are using paths with Unicode letters, which are not allowed in AutoPlay Media Studio, and again some file might not be found because the path cannot be reached.



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      Thanks for your help!


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        Similar issue to this. I have created a StickyNote app, and if left for a couple of weeks running undisturbed and unused, it will give an error referring to the CD-ROM, and then terminate.

        (My personal suspicion is that as the runtime is temporarily stored in the %temp% folder, and that Windows' own maintenance somehow clears the temp folder. Is there then a way to have the runtime files run in another specified folder other than %temp% ?)

        StickyNote app is available at

        Any insight or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you! (Yes, I am still using APMS even after all these years.)
        Classic IT Support


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          When you publish the project with the "hard drive folder" option, all required files for the application will be placed in the selected output folder. You could use these files and folders for building a setup, and deploy the files into a non-temporary location on the user's system, where they only would be removed when the application is uninstalled.



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            Thanks Ulrich. I was publishing the app as a standalone exe (Web/Email executable) but I'll work now on the "Hard drive folder" option - which makes more sense, as we've already developed a separate installer for the app. Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.

            Classic IT Support