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Possible internal error generated to System

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  • Possible internal error generated to System

    Possible uncaught\non reset internal error: 123, detected by system, in the Runtime source code:

    Building using AMS (on win 8.1 real) and Runtimes tested on Win XP (sp3) virtual and Win 8.1 real

    from WinError.h :

    // MessageId: ERROR_INVALID_NAME
    // MessageText:
    // The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    #define ERROR_INVALID_NAME 123L // dderror

    --you can test for this in a Built project code (blank project that loads and does nothing, other than below):
    (project output type does not appear to be related)

    local n = DLL.CallFunction(_SystemFolder..'\\kernel32.dll','GetLastError','',1,1);
    Dialog.Message('Winmain generated error', tostring(n)..'\r\n 123 ?');
    it appears this at Runtime internal error is not being handled or reset via SetLastError(0), post internal call:

    FWIW: This error is not generated with SUF9x (running above code at any stage)


    housekeeeping: during runtime, if there are no fonts to load, why create the _ir_tmpfnt_n folder in the first place ?

    cheers MTN

    That's AMS my bad
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    Dev Team: v8.5.1.0 cheers !